Fashion Photography & Reels in Kuwait


A leading and sought after photographer and videographer for fashion in Kuwait, Melanie brings interesting perspectives to your photoshoot. She modelled herself since 16 until she started this agency in 2013. Since then, she prefers being behind the scenes except for her own UGC on her instagram. Her experience allows her to assist models with posing, something she does with all of the models who attend a casting with her as well.

Melanie is technically exceptionally skilled, using the top of the line mirrorless Canon R5 at her state-of-the-art studio in Bayan. Here she has everything required for your photoshoot from varied colored backdrops, setup ideas, constant light as well as strobes for both photo and video.

She will assist and guide you with your moodboard and poses in advance dividing the time efficiently for ECOM photo, social media content and reels creation. She has created a variety of reels for Kuwaiti fashion designers, products and more.