Jewelry Photography


About the Photographer:

With a background in both modeling and photography, Melanie brings a unique perspective to jewelry photography. Her extensive experience includes working with renowned designers and training under industry legends. This dual expertise allows me to understand the nuances of capturing jewelry both on models and as standalone pieces. Starting with a mood board and a storyboards, she will assist with equipping you with the right audio for your reels as well.

Luxury Jewelry Photography:

Our luxury jewelry photography is focused on creating a few immaculate images. These high-end shoots involve meticulous planning, including detailed mood boards and precision editing, ensuring each shot is of the highest quality. Perfect for premium brands seeking to showcase their pieces with elegance and sophistication.

Standard Jewelry Photography:

For emerging brands that need more content for social media, our standard jewelry photography service is ideal. This approach prioritizes quantity, capturing numerous high-quality images efficiently suited for various online platforms with basic editing

Studio and Equipment:

Our state-of-the-art studio in Bayan, Hawali, is equipped with constant light, strobes, and a Canon R5. She will also utilize a macro lens to capture the intricate details of each jewelry piece, ensuring clarity and precision in every shot. Using Adobe suite since early 200, she prefers editing the content herself to ensure a seamless delivery for you.

Photography Styles:

  • Product Shoots: Focuses on the jewelry itself, often incorporating props to enhance the visual appeal.
  • Lifestyle Shoots: Features models wearing the jewelry, bringing the pieces to life in a natural setting.

Formats and Delivery:

She will provide images in multiple formats to suit different platforms based on your needs. Clients receive high-resolution square images for Instagram, story formats, and specific shots tailored for website use. Each session is planned with a mood board to align with your branding and desired outcome.