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Seven Myths about being a Model in Kuwait

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All of us at some point put on red lipstick, high heels and pretend to do the catwalk. Modelling is so much more than that. So let’s bust a few myths about modelling in Kuwait. 

Myths about Modelling in Kuwait. 

Modelling in Kuwait is all fun and glam. 

Modelling is considered glamourous and easy. On the contrary, it is back breaking, hair raising and toe tiring work. Sometimes, shoots can go on for hours which can be exhausting. The skin and hair of the models takes all the brunt. Their skin breaks out as a result of excessive makeup. Similarly, subjecting their hair to ironing, blow drying and other treatments has its toll as well.  

Models are the party. 

Models have a misconception that they are the life of the party which is a 100% false. If a model acts like a diva, it not only makes it difficult for the team but it also makes the mood sour, which in turn changes the entire chemistry on set. There are no exceptions and one has to be punctual, hardworking and receptive if they want to get called for a job again. 

Models do not eat. 

Everyone needs food to fuel their body. Modelling is indeed harder work than one imagines. So clients, please feed your models to keep them upbeat and positive. They sometimes have to jump from one job to another and barely have time, so this would help. 

You have to be tall to be a model. 

This is one of the biggest myths about modelling in Kuwait. We all hear that you have to be a certain height in order to be a model. Although a catwalk model has a certain height requirement, there are other fields where height is not a huge factor. Some of these fields include fashion and commercials. 

Models make a lot of money as soon as they start. 

Demanding a massive paycheck right in the beginning is the biggest mistake you could make. Unless of course you have the best game plan in a saturated market. They have a rough start just like every other profession. They sometimes have to do shoots for free just to get a kick start. 

Plastic Surgery will get me work

This is a massive No! being yourself is the better option, because once you start with the surgeries you won’t stop. In a sea of cosmetically and digitally enhanced images, stand out and look like yourself. The uniqueness of it will get you more work, and confidence works much better than surgery.

Its Expensive to Start Modelling in Kuwait

You don’t need to invest in much else other than a pair of good heels, some basics for your wardrobe and hairspray. Your agency will assist in getting images they will use to promote you to their clients. Some may also provide training at no initial cost, but recover the cost from the jobs you will get in the future with them.

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