Things to know before Hiring a Model in Kuwait

hiring a model in kuwait

This article is more about why you should select professionals when planning on hiring a model. Often, at a shoot, I see family members and relatives being pushed into the front of the camera


Professional models do this often so more times than not they know exactly what to do in front of the camera therefore saving you alot of time but also giving you images you absolutely do not doubt. From professional poses, to knowing that details have to be shown off in the most artistic way.


It is easier to tell a model what you expect from her for the shoot and your vision will be followed. If your family member doesn’t like to pose a certain way, you won’t be able


You are most likely paying your photographer by the hour, this is where expertise works well together. The objective of the shoot is to shoot your collection, not train a model. Diverting your photographers energy will not help your goal or your schedule.

Moreover if you are renting a location, or if you have other models; then you should realize the added cause someone might take if they are not comfortable.

Hiring a Model for The Face

Your selection of a model is important and her face is a big part of that. Expressions influence behavior tremendously. You attach your brand to a model or sometimes an influencer to resonate on a certain level with the client. Usually with family you want to cut off, hide and blur the face. It is not a trend anywhere in the world in fashion and usually associates your brand with lack of budget.


Its the same reason you don’t model for your own brand. You want to give it a level of that Je ne sais quoi, using trending models and leveraging their reputaton in the market. As a brand, you want to come across as professional, especially if you are spending on alot of other aspects of the shoot.

The Aftermath

Once you pay a model, thats it, you part ways. There are no further discussions and picture choice, the way images are edited to showcase the product, etc is all up to you.

When it comes to someone you are related to, you may need to consult them for selection. They may put how they look above how your product looks in the pictures. In order to avoid arguments in advance, consider taking a professional.

What to think about when hiring a model who is not a professional ?

Train your family Model

Send him or her for a portfolio session to break the ice and get a couole of great images in the bargain as well. But never send them blind into the shoot without any rehearsal. They will look as awkward as they fear they will be due to lack of practice.

Discuss Details Beforehand

Why not? We have a contract with models. Discuss all elements before. What kind of clothing? The poses you hope for. The conditions of usage of images. Who will select the images. The type of editing you expect and what they accept. It is better to plan in advance to nullify conflict.

Exceptions about Hiring a model

This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, there are definitely exceptions though fairly rare. You must remember that although alot of the younger generation are so present on social media, alot of them do so in the privacy of their rooms with only a screen in front of them. Too often I have seen young adults completely freeze in the presence of anyone else at all.

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