Summer Trends in Kuwait for Advertising

Summer trends in kuwait

After a much needed summer reprieve, we are ready for sunshine. After a quick glance at the local market, here is some inspiration for some summer trends in Kuwait.

Summer Models
Tanned models are all the rage this and every summer before that. Check out our collection of winning summery elements to put your aesthetic together from lighting, background and overall vibe.

Emphasizing outdoor activities
Time to plan something in that beautiful chalet in JulaiaKhiraor Bnaider. Advertisers can use this to their advantage by featuring products that are suitable for these activities, such as summer collections, skincare, and beach towels.

Bright colors and bold designs
 Summer is a time for fun, and advertisers can reflect that in their ads by using bright colors and bold designs that capture the spirit of the season. This can be effective for products such as clothing, accessories, and home decor.

Promoting self-care
 With the weather change, rituals require an update. Advertisers can tap into this by promoting products that promote self-care, such as skincare (especially sunscreen), beauty products, and fitness gear. Using a wellness center as a location for a photoshoot could work well for a lifestyle shoot.

Featuring summer foods and drinks
 Summer is also a time for enjoying delicious foods and drinks, such as ice cream, BBQ, and refreshing beverages. Advertisers can showcase products related to these items, such as grills, picnic baskets, and coolers. Isnt this cute? Came across La Viande butchery at Mishref Coop, and they can deliver within three hours.

Incorporating sustainability
 Consumers are increasingly interested in sustainability and eco-friendliness. “Savor the Taste” was a very successful event at Argan Bedaya in Sabah Al Salem. Advertisers can appeal to this by featuring products made from sustainable materials or promoting eco-friendly practices. This can include products such as reusable water bottles, recycled clothing, and biodegradable sunscreen.


These are just a few possible summer advertising trends, and the actual trends will depend on factors such as consumer behavior, market demand, and current events.


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