Top 5 Fashion Photography Trends 2021

Fashion Photography like every other genre of art is sensitive to change. The pandemic and consequently, the isolation gave artists the inspiration and an ultimatum in some cases that shaped trends last year. These evolved this year, leading us to list our fave top 5 Fashion Photography Trends in kuwait for Year 2021.

Take a closer look at the Top 5 Fashion photography trends 2021 in Kuwait.

# Bold Colors

The modern trends and pallets open up new paths of creativity in Color Photography. They take away the monotony and put life into your work. As a result, vibrant lively images embracing colors, living boldly and making statements makes it to the list.

Vibrant hues are definitely the way to go!

# Candid Photography

Firstly, there’s no time like the present to capture “that” moment in time. Secondly, it helps you bring out your subjects personality to the frame. And it also helps your customers connect with the picture.

In Candid Photography you are documenting something happening rather than directing. Consequently, it looks more authentic, which is also a trending vibe.

# Projector Photography

If you want to create futuristic photos, then Projector Photography is what you should be looking at. Most importantly, it offers more versatile as well as a variety of looks. If a look is not up to your standards, it helps you change the look immediately.

The extra brightness it offers allows you to shoot at a faster shutter speed and at a lower ISO, which is important when photographing people or other moving objects.

# Mimicking Daylight

Summers in Kuwait can be extremely hot and windy. Therefore, it can get difficult to shoot outdoors. In times like these, Mimicking daylight can prove to be a life saver.

Recreating natural light patterns within a studio is one of the most challenging tasks a photographer can come across, it is also one of the most important assets to have. For instance, harsh shadows and lightning can be used to create an outdoor vibe. Another way would you to use props such as palm leaves, sand etc to create the desired effect.

# Minimalist Edits

The shift in media consumption habits has led many fashion photographers to rethink their edits. In other words, they rely on knowledge and skill to capture the shot in camera and try to aspire for authenticity.