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How to be a Model in Kuwait

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How to Become a Model in Kuwait

Promodel Service started providing models in Kuwait back in 2012. From fashion shows to photoshoots, we set ground rules and standards in an ever evolving market. As the need for media grows at an exponential rate today, so does the need for models. We step into a new era that redefines the traditional way the world looks at a “model”, a time where this definition in constantly changing. Kuwait accepts a variety of models from varied heights, skin color and from slender to voluptuous. The definition of beauty is definitely subjective, and allows opportunity in Kuwait.

Research model in Kuwait

In an extremely competitive market, you have to do your research to become a model in kuwait. See who you feel more connected to and what the policies are. Additionally review which models work with whom, and do some background work on the reputations of who you want to work with.


Before you approach an agency, ensure you are in the best shape you could be in. Do your eyebrows, have your hair in the neatest though most natural form and ensure you know how to put as basic makeup as possible. This is because the agency would like to see your face as bare and natural as possible.


This obviously makes a big difference for any interview. If you are easy to talk to and provide the kind of information you are requested, you will of course be seen as someone who is easier to work with. Show that you are able to listen to feedback.

What to Wear as a model in Kuwait

Ideally something fitted and neutral colored: black or white. A fitted tank top and high waist jeans is the most classic outfit, topped with the highest heels you own. We find that a basic pair of heels from Zara are perfect to have in your arsenal. Ensure you are comfortable walking in stilettos of course. Throw a jacket over what you are wearing because you are n Kuwait after all, and you want to be respectful of the culture.

Meeting to become a model in Kuwait

Its not always that an agency will call you for a meeting or a casting. Be patient. If they do call you, show up and be on time. This is not only an invitation to get your pictures perhaps featured but also a test on your punctuality and reliability. Thus, take it as seriously as you would an interview. moreover, respect someone else’s time. The traffic in Kuwait has certainly been challenging lately, so ensure you buffer 15 minutes for any unexpected surprises. Consider using a cab service as its more reliable than hailing one down.


Agencies don’t charge you to invite you for a quick cast and add your photos to their database, it is usually a percentage they will take from a job. If you need one on one training, or a portfolio this is usually possible as well and comes at a cost for time spent. The agency will usually recover the amount for you from jobs they succeed inn getting you.

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